InterFACE Talent Reviews – Our Free Evaluation & What To Expect

By Jayelle Dorsainville | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Wednesday August 28, 2013

We have been adamant about discussing how aspiring talent can join with InterFACE Talent, and also what we provide them should they decide to work with us, but we have not always been so clear as to the process that happens in between that period.

After a representative approaches a modelesque woman in the mall, and after an aspiring actor signs up via the website; we then continue the process by setting up a meeting in which we can assess the talent, and introduce them to InterFACE Talent.

With five locations, near five different cities we have quite a large talent pool to choose from. It may seem odd that we have booths in malls and amusement parks, but some of the best raw talent can be found by just walking down the street. Lisa Cant a high fashion model was discovered at the age of 14 in an Ikea. She went on to appear on the covers of Italian Vogue, W, Vogue and Italian Flair. She has walked in runway shows for Betsey Johnson, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and that’s just naming a few.

The point is, being approached by someone genuinely interested in helping you become a model isn’t farfetched, but being cautious is always of top priority. To help people ease into the notion, we schedule Talent Evaluation Meetings, with every prospective client.

InterFACE Talent Reviews – What To Expect During Your Initial Evaluation/Consultation

Interface Talent Reviews – During your initial free evaluation, you’ll learn about us and you’ll have an opportunity to join or think it over

What can you expect during your initial free evaluation? You’ll learn about us, we’ll answer your questions, and you’ll have an opportunity to join or think it over

The Talent Evaluation Meeting is set up at the time of your choosing, and at any time your appointment can be canceled.

Should you decide to sit down with us, we will ask you to get comfortable and provide you with examples of InterFACE Talent clients that have been successful. As you sit in the waiting room you may even notice framed tear sheets of our clients line the walls, which is a testament to what our clients have accomplished.

In the meeting we will also ask you about any recent shows, plays, performances or film roles you may have participated in the past. We do not require our clients to have had experience, but getting to know your interest level and experience level is a great place to start.

Should you express sincere interest, we will then ask you to fill out a form detailing the types of modeling, acting, singing or dancing you are interested in or experienced in. This will all be added to your profile should you decide to continue with us.

If you decide to join, the talent evaluation Meeting is also the time in which your photo shoot package will be discussed. You will be asked to decide which photo shoot package you would like, and set the date for the shoot. We will ask you to sign a contract which states that once you have signed it, you will stick to your chosen date, and pay for the photos at the time given to you. This initial contract does NOT include promotion/marketing to our network of industry professionals. Many allegations made against us, dispute the clarity in which we state this, but this is all noted in the contract. Please be sure to read your contract at length to become fully aware of the services we are offering you.  If at any point a prospective client may leave the meeting, there is absolutely no requirement to stay.

Keep this in mind if you should feel uncomfortable or forced because we aren’t in the business of forcing anyone into any situation they do not want to be in. We have real examples of success within the entertainment industry and that speaks for itself.

If you should decide to meet with us please visit our FAQ page and our website to get a full description of what we offer along with a peek into what our clients are being requested for.

Come in prepared with your questions which we’ll do our best to answer. Doing your own research is essential to making an educated decision.


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