InterFACE Modeling Review – Are We A Talent Modeling Agency?

By Robert Ensign | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Friday August 9, 2013

InterFACE Modeling Review. We are NOT a talent modeling agency like Wilhelmina. We market you to entertainment industry professionals.

We are NOT a talent modeling agency like Wilhelmina. Instead we market you to entertainment industry professionals.

InterFACE modeling is different from Wilhelmina modeling, a talent modeling agency. In fact, InterFACE modeling is different from all modeling agencies. Because InterFACE Talent isn’t an agency—it’s a talent marketing service. We provide talent marketing materials (e.g., headshots) and place you in a talent database that is searchable by industry professionals, such as Wilhelmina.

What we do is connect you with top agencies like Wilhelmina. We give you the critical advantage in the hyper-competitive modeling industry. Because of our marketing expertise, established industry relationships and well-known status, our models enjoy many extraordinary opportunities. Imagine how your modeling career would change for the better with InterFACE Talent!

Every day our models are showcased to modeling agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford, Elite, IMG, NEXT and more! These elite, top-tier modeling agencies in turn sign InterFACE clients for exclusive representation or they may book an InterFACE Talent client for a limited-time gig.

InterFACE modeling makes modeling easier: using superior technology and a wide array of industry connections, InterFACE models find jobs easier than tried-and-tired methods of fumbling blindly in a confusing and extremely “insiders only” industry.

Just how successful is InterFACE modeling? Says the scouting manager for Wilhelmina Philadelphia, “We love your talent!!! If you have any new talent that you’d like to send me for possible representation, I would love to view them!!!”

We’re NOT a Talent Modeling Agency – But We Do More Than Just Take Headshots

Even though we are not a “modeling house” like Wilhelmina, we have two similarities.

For one, both we and Wilhelmina have incredible clients. Unlike Wilhelmina, however, we have a broader scope in the modeling industry and we work with a wide range of modeling houses. Wilhelmina is concerned about Wilhelmina. With InterFACE Talent your opportunities expand!

InterFACE modeling is a smart starting point for aspiring models. We will prepare you for your next step—which could be with Wilhelmina or any number of other top-tier agencies! We give you the tools you need to get you promoted, exposure and the recognition you deserve! Imagine how your modeling career will change once you’re with InterFACE Talent!

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