Interface Talent Complaints & BBB Reviews – Why The Poor Rating?

By Robert Ensign | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Friday August 23, 2013

The Better Business Burea (BBB) works to make businesses better, but it gets a little more detailed than that. So let’s explain.

The BBB is a nonprofit organization, consisting of 113 independent organizations, all looking to advance trust and better business in the marketplace. As an organization, the BBB oversees businesses and investigates customer complaints. You know they’re busy working because their website is among the top 500 most-visited websites in the US.

The BBB keeps businesses honest. It’s unbiased and relies on businesses to self-regulate. And it’s unaffiliated with government, so public politics have no sway. When businesses don’t self-regulate, the BBB investigates the wrongdoing and works to right it. The BBB was established to look out for the welfare of consumers. Otherwise said it looks out for you when you deal with businesses. You can always file a complaint to the BBB and they will look into it for you.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across North America fund and support the BBB to keep businesses honest. Businesses sponsoring the BBB also use the BBB’s logo to tell customers they support the organization and are qualifying businesses. As honest as the BBB is, there remains dispute whether businesses need to pay to get an “A” rating. However, the BBB lives on the promise of not endorsing businesses or playing favoritism.

So have you ever searched for information on the Better Business Bureau and InterFACE Talent reviews? If you have you might’ve noticed you get a handful of BBB reviews that appear to show conflict with the BBB. As InterFACE deals with tens of thousands of clients, it’s reasonable to assume there will be some complaints here and there. Our representatives and marketing teams work hard to promote you in the acting and modeling industries. However, clients sometimes think fame comes easy and without effort. This is not true in the talent industry nor is it true anywhere else in life.

What’s Behind Some of the InterFACE Talent Complaints on the BBB Site?

Why the Interface Talent complaints & poor BBB reviews? ? Many come from clients who were misled by some employees into thinking success would be easy. It’s not.talent-bbb-reviews

Why the Interface Talent complaints & poor BBB reviews? Many come from clients who were misled by some InterFACE employees into thinking that success would come easy. It won’t.

Whenever we hear about InterFACE Talent complaints and identify a real problem, we work to fix it right away. There have been isolated incidents where InterFACE Talent employees have mislead potential clients into thinking stardom could be easily achieved. More realistically, you’ll most likely get opportunities to succeed in the industry. It’s up to you to seize the moment and the opportunity. We can get you to the big stage, but you have to put on the show.

Some InterFACE Talent complaints miss the point. It’s always your choice to join InterFACE Talent. It’s always your call. Visit our YouTube page for InterFACE Talent reviews from real people who have used our services.

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