Claims About InterFACE Talent Scams & What it Takes to Succeed

By Jayelle Dorsainville | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Friday July 26, 2013

InterFACE Talent Scams. What We Can and Cannot Do for Beginning Actors

InterFACE Talent Scams for Actors? What Interface Can and Cannot Do for Beginning Actors.No, it is NOT some kind of scam! It is true that there have been a few bloggers hyping up reviews when people ask, “Is InterFACE Talent a scam for actors?”, but that is simply not true. Yes, there have been a few ex-InterFACE clients that for a few reasons decided to bad mouth our company name. But I will go over the reasons why they did so, so that you understand that InterFACE Talent is not a scam and their experiences were not negative because of their joining InterFACE.

Is InterFACE Talent a Scam for Actors?

Some of these ex clients were shocked when after a short period of time they didn’t become the newest and biggest stars on the big screen. They didn’t achieve the instant success that we have all come to believe in when we think of “making it in Hollywood”. It should be noted that there are many big stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt that had to work many years waiting tables and wearing restaurant chicken suits at the early stages of their acting careers before making it big.

Others who came in to our studios to sign up were unhappy with the investments that needed to be made in order to jump start the process. Paying for head shots, portfolios and composite cards are the most basic steps that need to be made in order to enter a career on stage. Frustration with these prices after led a small percentage of our clients to wonder, “Is InterFACE Talent a scam for actors?” However, our prices do not stand out compared to the other studios around. These prices are simply the standard for the industry. If one is not able or willing to pay them, then they may have to seek other ways of getting into the industry.

Our vocal ex-clients lack of success was for one of two reasons. Either they were lazy in following up leads for acting positions, or they didn’t get the acting positions they thought they would. It is important to understand that the service that InterFACE provides is merely a tool. Instead of wondering, “Is InterFACE Talent a scam?” Think about how our services can benefit you. Our goal is to greatly increase your opportunities. What you do with these opportunities and whether you’re successful or not is largely dependent on you, your motivation, your assertiveness and your seriousness.

“I can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it” – Morpheus (The Matrix, 1999).

Furthermore, sometimes a client is overconfident in his/her skills as an actor. In other words, they may have high expectations. But once again, InterFACE is a tool, that when used properly can get you real opportunities. We do not offer some kind of secret recipe for anyone to become an A-list actor. We simply help you get started, and significantly increase your chances of getting picked up. So the next time you get ready to Google, “is InterFACE Talent a scam?” just visit our Facebook page, where we post daily updates on how our clients are doing. We promise to get your name out there and promote it to our exclusive connections and freelance agents.

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