Showreel / Demo Reel Tip #3 – Customized Content

By Robert Ensign | Social Media & Content Specialist at Inter FACE Modeling, New York City – Tuesday October 15, 2013

You have 10 seconds before they hit EJECT

You have 10 seconds to convince the producer, director or casting director you’re right for the part.

You need to make them want to watch more. Make them want to not only finish watching your demo reel (sometimes called a showreel) , but want to call you in.

Your showreel is your commercial. And here you’ll learn the keys to making a professional showreel that sells you best. Get more work you want in the industry with these professional showreel tips.

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Inter FACE Modeling Explains Why You Should Customize Your Demo (or Show) Reel for Different Types of Jobs

Inter Face Modeling’s showreel, or demo reel, tip #3: have different customized reels tailored to different things you could submit yourself to

Inter FACE Modeling’s showreel, or demo reel, tip #3: you should prepare different reels tailored to 3-4 different types of jobs you could submit yourself for


Think of your showreel as a resume. You cater your resume to the job you’re applying for. You edit and rewrite parts of your resume so it’s most appealing to the person hiring you. Do the same with your showreel.

Customize your showreel for the part you’re submitting for. Viewers assessing you should be able to make an immediate connection between the examples in your showreel and your aptitude for the role they’re casting. You want to show how your skills match the skills needed for the role they’re casting for.

Research the project you’re submitting for. Look up the producer, production company and more on to see who’s behind the project. Research their past work. Get an idea of their expectations for this project and what they might be looking for. The more you know, the better you can customize your demo reel to their liking. The more your demo reel is a match, the more likely you’re a match.

Create a database of your best clips to choose from. It makes customizing your showreel is easier. From this database you can string together new combinations of clips customized to the project you’re submitting for. After creating a basic template for your demo reel, all you have to do for each submission is swap clips in and out slots.

There’s also a developing digital trend called “scene splitting.” On submission sites, actors are submitting individual scenes, in place of or in addition to their full reel. Make it easier for casting directors to envision you, for example, in an action role by submitting an individual scene labeled “High-Stakes Hostage Negotiation.” Or for a romantic role, submit a scene displaying your sensitive talent labeled “Looks of Love.” Set up your scene with a helpful, easy-to-understand, appealing label.

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